Tau Audio launches T-Racks

Experience is what drove us into this business and that same experience has driven us to form T-racks, a division of audiovisual equipment supplier, Tau Audio Solutions.

As Tau, we frequently found ourselves talking to our customers about the added value of 19” cabinets. We also found ourselves increasingly puzzled when leafing through the huge catalogues from their existing suppliers: ‘What do they mean by this part number? Do we really need this?’

To the innocent by stander, it is a real challenge to find the right cabinet for the job. You can easily spend two hours getting a cabinet together and when the final invoice lands on your desk, the cost is far more than you expected.

Enter T-Racks

At T-Racks, what you see is what you get. You want a 27U cabinet? You get one. And one that is complete with doors, castors, adjustable feet, fans, and is fully assembled. You can choose any colour as long it is black, there are no strings attached and you’ll really like the price.

So here it is: your definitive solution to a 19” housing, with all the most commonly needed sizes immediately available from our dedicated warehouse in The Netherlands.