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T-racks CFG01-V - 1U ventilation panel


19 inch ventilation panel

Ventilation panels are used when the air needs more circulation inside a 19 inch rack. The ventilation panels are a good solution for air circulation with a clean and professional look and can be used in a 19 inch cabinet.

They come in different sizes such as 1U, 2U and 3U.

1U ventilation panel

The 1U ventilation panel is made of 1.2mm cool rolled steel. The surface is finished with a powder coating in the color black. The ventilation panel has ventilation stripes in it. This panel fits easily into a 19 inch cabinet. Because the buttom and the top of the panel are slidly curved it will fit perfectly without any tolerance.

The 1U ventilation panel summarized

  • 19″
  • 1U
  • Color black