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T-racks NCB42-68

The T-racks NCB42-68 is part of the 19 inch free standing rack series. The free standing racks are are available in the heights 15, 18, 22, 27, 37 and 42 units with a standard depth of 600 millimeter. The 37  and the 42 units racks are also available in 800 millimeter in depth. The racks will be shipped fully assembled with a stylish black finish (RAL9004).

The free standing racks have a tinted safety glass front door and a metal back door. Both are equiped with a lock and 2 keys. The side panels are easily removed due to the quick release system. If needed the side panels can be locked with the locks (optional). At the top and bottom of the rack preparations has been made for cable entry. The racks are shipped with fans for extra cooling and also castors and levelers.

When installing equipment you can use the 19 inch mounting profiles that are inside the rack. Depending on your needs it is possible to adjust these profiles. For non 19 inch equipement fixed shelves are installed. The racks have a maximum load capacity of 500 kilo.

The free standing series are ideal for medium to large sized systems. These systems could be for example network, audio, video or security systems.

T-racks NCB42-68

The T-racks NCB42-68 is part of the serie 19 inch free standing racks. The free standing rack has a height of 42 units with a depth of 800 millimeter. In the standard configuration of the mounting profiles it is possible to install equipment with a maximum depth of 700 millimeter. When adjusting the mounting profiles to the maximum setting it is possible to install equipment to a maximum depth of 740 millimeter. Inside the rack are 3 fixed shelves for non 19 inch equipment.

T-racks NCB42-66 summarized

  • 42 units in height and 800 millimeters in depth
  • Maximum load capacity of 500 kilo
  • 3 fixed shelves
  • Safety glass front door
  • Stylish black finish (RAL9004)
  • Meets ANS/EIARS-310-D standards